Rushmore Body Co


Tom Miller

After owning my 73 mustang for several years and collecting about 10 awards from verious car shows I was told from a judge at the North Carolina Mustang Nationals that "it was time" and when we got back to Kalamazoo, I took the car to Rushmore Body Co. and handed over the keys. After I got my car back I have won at almost every show I entered and the positive buzz has always been about the body and paint. The bottom line is that at Rushmore the watchword is QUALITY, Rushmore Body Co. will not let sub-par work go out of their door. If you love your ride, and want a true piece of art when it's done, take it to Rushmore.

Tom Miller
1973 Mustang, before Restoration
1973 Mustang, after Restoration

Rushmore Body Co. did a fantastic job on my car; the paint job was gorgeously striking and the greatest of quality. They are quite skilled at custom paint jobs and their body repair looks very smooth. I would recommend them to restore your special show car or every day car. They really work miracles taking your vision for your old rusty car and turning it into the show car of your dreams. Their work is just amazing. I am one very happy customer and so thankful for the awesome crew at Rushmore.

Jennifer Holbrook

I would like to say: working with Rushmore Body Co. turned a potentially difficult experience into a very satisfying experience. From the beginning the friendliness, professionalism, and continuous thoughtfulness was amazing. The work that was performed on my automobile was outstanding and top quality. The work exceeded any and all of my expectations. This service I received is why I have and always will continue to do my business with Rushmore. Thank you.

Betty Markwarl

Rushmore Body Co. painted my mustang 4 years ago. We sat down together and they helped me pick out the colors. The car was an ugly grey and they painted her black with red stripping. Every time that I take her out people yell 'nice ride', she still turns heads today.

Bob Peckhem
Bob Peckhem's Mustang before Restoration
Bob Peckhem's Mustang after Restoration
Dewey Castelein's Mustang after Restoration

To say that I am very pleased with Rushmore’s work would be quite an understatement. My car started out as a “second glance, 20-foot car”. After bringing it home from Rushmore, it is now the “kids stop their ball game until the car goes by” car. Easily, 9 out of 10 times that I’m in the car, either I will catch people taking pictures of it with their cell phones as I go by, or they will follow me into a parking lot and ask if they can take a picture of it. It’s one thing to impress the general public but it’s great to have the ‘respect’ of the car guys (motor head, car show judges, and others in those groups). Rushmore does more than fix a dent or cover something with paint, the Rushmore Body Co. group takes the ordinary and transforms it into the extraordinary! Great job and thanks again!

Dewey Castelein